IT Matters

Quick Points:

  • Pictures of all Arrivals
  • Electronic Bills of Lading
  • Same Day Orders – Complimentary
  • No Appointments Required
  • Real-Time Mobile Web-App

At Refrig-It, we have structured our business to match your needs. In an industry where there are too many “no’s” and rigid procedures, we have rethought the concept of third-party warehousing:

See your product the moment it arrives at our facility with pictures of all case markings, expiration dates, damages and exceptions. Access all of your data real-time from your mobile phone or computer.

We don’t believe in ancillary billing for standard services or in voicemails that will never get returned. With same-day orders at no extra charge, no appointments required, electronic signed bills of lading, and free EDI/custom data you start to see just a few of the things that make us different.

We’ve cut out the layers and layers of complexity that have built up in the industry over the last century and gotten back to what really matters.

IT matters at Refrig-IT Warehouse