Track IT

Quick Points:

  • Product Tracking from Arrival through Shipping
  • Pictures of all Arrivals
  • Electronic Bills of Lading
  • Real-Time Mobile Web-App
  • EDI and Custom Data Reporting – No Charge

At Refrig-It Warehouse, technology takes center stage. As your eyes and ears, we recognize that information transparency is critical. From the moment your product arrives at our warehouse you will begin seeing what makes Refrig-It’s proprietary software unique.

Product arrivals can be tracked from the moment the truck or container arrives at our warehouse. Upon unloading, warehouse receipts are emailed including pictures of your product, case markings, expiration dates, and any damages or exceptions. As soon as your product ships, you will be emailed real-time the electronic signed bill of lading. Daily email reports are available including inventory, open orders, shipping logs, and invoicing.

In addition, all of your information is available real-time on your cell phone or computer through our web-app including inventory, lot histories, order entry, and order tracking.

With our own in-house programming, we offer free EDI integration and custom data reporting, providing you the information that matters, how it matters and when it matters.

IT matters at Refrig-IT